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5 ways to help reduce your gas energy usage 

1: Installing a room thermostat

     By far the best way in relation to installation cost to help reduce your energy bills and reduce gas usuage this winter, is installing a room thermostat. We see so many boilers installed without and there is no excuse, it has been part of building regulations for many years and still we find poor boiler installations fitted without. Also, many old systems have had new condensing boilers fitted but still use an old Honeywell thermostat from the 1980’s…Don’t worry about messy wiring and cables, wireless options are available, and there are different types to suit all users - From tech savvy smart thermostats installation to basic temperature control only.

 Prices range from £60 upwards plus fitting but could save up to 30% on your heating bills.

2: Thermostatic radiator valves

    Don’t heat the rooms you don’t use!  Simple. We wouldn’t recommend turning off the rooms you don’t use completely but turning to a lower number will cut down your energy usage and reduce your gas bill by stopping the flow of heat to the radiator once the thermostatic valve reaches temperature. If you use a log burner in the evening to heat downstairs, turn those radiators in the heated space down! Spare bedrooms, unused ensuites or if you don’t like a warm bedroom turning radiators down will mean your boiler isn’t working as hard because of heating less water. If you have old thermostatic radiator valves 10/15 years or older, try turning them down to ensure they stop the radiator heating up as they can lose function over time depending on the brand or water quality in your heating system.

Thermostatic radiator valves from £50 per radiator fitted but could save up to 40% on your heating bills.


3: Zoning your heating system

     Another possibility is to split your heating system (i.e. upstairs and downstairs). Its not always possible or easily accessible to do but if you have pipework on show or a good idea where it runs, it could be possible to zone your heating system. If you have no pipework visible or are unsure of the layout of your heating system, Smart thermostatic radiator valves are a new option. If you already have thermostatic radiator valves fitted, they are plug and play, you then have the option depending on the brand to group a number of thermostatic valves together (i.e. living spaces or upstairs and downstairs etc).

 Zoning from £795 for two zones and wireless thermostats (varies from difficulty and system layout) and thermostatic radiator valves from £44 per radiator (plus fitting).

4: New radiators

    The forgotten part of your heating system, we have lost count of the number of jobs visited where the customer has a new A rated condensing boiler and 1970’s radiators. New radiators are lighter, conduct heat better and heat up faster as well as carrying less water (depending on style and size comparable). This isn’t the cheapest job but new radiators, whilst revamping your boiler, are worth considering as a long-term investment to reduce your gas bill.

 New radiator installation with 10-year warranty from £110 fitted (size varies)

5: New A rated boiler/replacement hot water cylinder.

    Not the cheapest option but considering how often people change their vehicles, a new  central heating boiler is a central part of any home needed daily. Many customers report 25 years plus from old boilers and we have seen one recently that was 42 years old! Investing in a well installed quality central heating boiler will not only significantly reduce your usage but also most likely heat up your heating and hot water quicker. The average lifespan of a boiler is 10-15 years but getting the correct sized boiler, ensuring the job is done properly and keeping it maintained will give you the best chance of exceeding the average life span.  If you have no gas and use electric immersion heaters and a hot water cylinder – it may be worth considering an upgrade to an unvented cylinder which will not only give better hot water pressure but also heat up much quicker. A hot water jacket is also worth considering especially if your cylinder is in a cold space such as a loft.

Central heating boilers installation from £1395 with a 5-year warranty. Unvented cylinder installation from £995. Hot water cylinder jackets from £16.

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